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Last updated: 22/12/2020

By entering a contract with Sunny Spot Copywriting, you will be presented with a series of Terms and Conditions. A summary of the Terms and Conditions is outlined here. 

1. Services 

Sunny Spot Copywriting will provide the service outlined in the client contract in accordance with the Terms and Conditions outlined here. 

2. Price 

Sunny Spot Copywriting will provide a quote for the work you request based on the quantity and complexity of your project. You will be invited to accept or reject the quote before any work commences. 

3. Edits 

Each project will allow for at least one opportunity to make edits to the work at no extra charge. Details for your individual project will be outlined in your contract in advance and will vary according to quantity and complexity of your project. 

4. Payments 

Sunny Spot Copywriting will ask for a deposit ahead of work commencing. The amount of deposit required will depend on the nature of the project and its total monetary value. The remaining balance will be due within 30 days of the final invoice when the project has been completed. 

5. Refunds 

If you are not entirely happy with the work provided to you by Sunny Spot Copywriting, you should address this as soon as possible. Work already carried out will not be eligible for a refund. 

6. Delivery timescales 

Delivery timescales will be agreed with you in advance of the contract being agreed. 

7. Terminating the agreement 

If you request to terminate the agreement part-way through the project, work already carried out will still be chargeable.