Farm to Facebook: How animals really can transform your social media

One of the most beautiful things about animals – is their innocence. 

Their refreshing presence of simply going about their day, asking for little and finding pleasure in the simplest of things can teach us humans a lot. 

Maybe then, that’s why they capture our hearts on social media.

Every. Single. Day.

You’re probably not short of cute calves or funny goat photos if you manage social media pages for an animal attraction, but how can you take your posts to the next level to make sure you get the most from your content? How do you move on from the ‘Daisy the cow says good morning’ and the ‘hello from Sid the donkey’ posts?

You’ve come to just the right place. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Build a connection

We all love to read and hear about the ins and outs of animal stories, from when babies first ventured away from their mothers to the mischief they got up to yesterday. When planning your content, choose one of your animals and delve deep into their personality. Have they got any characteristics that make them stand out? Do they always eat their lunch in the same spot? Do they have a best friend? The more detail you go into, the more your reader will feel connected to your brand and excited for their next visit.

Prince the pygmy goat is one of Longleat’s ‘naughtiest animals’.

Engage with partner businesses

This is a simple yet easily-forgotten technique for encouraging conversation on social media. Remember – your social media isn’t just about you and your followers. Every time you publish a post or send a message, it’s an opportunity to reach even more users. Think about the various suppliers you work with, from caterers to builders, and create content that includes them in order to reach their contacts as well.

Fishers Farm Park used Twitter to tell Hello Fresh how they re-used some of the brand’s packaging.

Caption competitions

Caption competitions can make social media posts much more shareable, especially if you offer a prize for the winner. Look for animals relaxing in seemingly awkward positions or playing with a toy when taking your photos. Get creative and think outside the box. Is there an opportunity to combine this idea with a fundraiser? 

North Somerset Birds of Prey Centre chose this Turkey Vulture for its caption competition.

Have fun with technology

Gone are the days when you needed advanced digital production skills to create a decent video or animation. With so many user-friendly apps now available, take some time to play about with them and create something unique. You can even make animals talk and sing – like this one produced by the Isle of Wight’s Monkey Haven.

The Isle of Wight’s Monkey Haven created a rendition of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’.

There are endless ways to maximise opportunities on social media. All it takes is a little creativity. Be bold and have fun with it!